Wednesday Night Steel Plate Matches

Next match date:  Wednesday February 28, 2018

Time: 6:00 PM until everyone is out of money or ammo.

Location: HSA Indoor range - 
Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association95 Lumber St, Hopkinton, MA 01748

The match: 8 man relays; $ - winner; $ - Second place.

The targets: 8 Inch Plates; 2 side by side racks. Man on man. 

Equipment: 38/9MM or larger; semi or revolver; no comps, no red dots

Procedure: Muzzle on table, finger off trigger, Timer/buzzer start. First one to knock down their targets wins.Relay winners get an extra target for all subsequent entries

Safety: USPSA/IDPA style - Safety table, Firearms in holster or "bagged" No handling of firearms other than on the firing line or the safety area.

Handle ammo, mags, speed-loaders anywhere EXCEPT the safe area.

Come on down and have some fun. Bring lots of ammo. We keep shooting as long as people want to sign up.