Welcome to the home of the Hopkinton Heavy Hitters.
We are a group based out of the Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association at 95 Lumber St Hopkinton, MA.
We shoot mostly pistol based USPSA and Steel.
How we got our name:


It was at the 1998 AWARE match outside Albany, NY

The AWARE was run from Thursday to Sunday and the staff and competitors took up residence at a local motel for the week. They did this for several years and so the staff learned what to expect after a while. They would put out a box of old washcloths in the lobby with a sign saying "Take one" and "please don't use room linens to clean guns." I can imagine what the few "outside" guests thought of that.

Right in front of the motel was a restaurant that was frequented by the shooters. We would travel as a group to these away matches several times a year. Then, as now, it was customary that the Top Shots (M/GM's) would be placed together in what is known as the "Super Squad" which would shoot on the final day of the match. (Sunday)

So on Saturday evening, into the bar of the restaurant swaggers our group of merry men back from scoping out the ranges and stages in preparation of shooting the following day. We take a seat and the barkeep comes over to take our order. He looks at us and immediately sums us up. "So, you fellows here for the shooting match?" to which we of course reply in the affirmative.  

He then says "Ahhh, I've heard about you guys. You're the Heavy Hitters aren't you?"

We all kind of looked around at each other and said "Why yes. Yes we are."  And as they say, the rest is history........